Zita Laffranchi
Post Doc Researcher

Dr. Zita Laffranchi is postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physical Anthropology, Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Bern. Dr. Laffranchi is a bioarchaeologist with a strong background in the application of isotopic methods for the reconstruction of diet and mobility in the past.

The research of Dr. Laffranchi focuses on the exploration of the links between biological, socio-cultural, and economical variability among ancient populations. She specifically worked with Late Iron Age/Pre Roman populations from NE Italy during her PhD.

She also collaborates in various research projects investigating dietary and health patterns in Medieval al Andalus (South Eastern Spain) and funerary treatment during the Neolithic in Southern Spain.

Her role in CELTUDALPS includes the sampling, analysis, and interpretation of isotopic data for the reconstruction of mobility patterns. She will also help in the dissemination strategy of the scientific outputs.



E-mail: zita.laffranchi@irm.unibe.ch