WS-3: Stable isotope analysis and radiocarbon dating

Isotopic analyses will be carried on all human skeletal remains and on a subsample of faunal specimens. They will include the analysis of isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur from bone collagen and of carbon and oxygen from apatite. These data will allow us to explore in each context the presence of nonlocal individuals and test the links between regional mobility, diet, funerary treatment, inter- and intrapopulation genetic relationships. In order to provide a finer chronological resolution to our analyses, we will radiocarbon date 50 individuals selected from all available contexts following archaeological and stratigraphic criteria. The analysis of stable isotopes will be performed by the Department of Physical Anthropology, University of Bern in collaboration with the Isolab GmbH (Schweitenkirchen) and the Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin). The radiocarbon analysis (14C) will be carried at the LARA laboratory at the University of Bern.

Research people involved: